About these tools

These tools are my way of giving something back to the gaming community. You can use the tools on this site free of charge, for an unlimited time. You are free to use or distribute these tools for commercial goals. However, there are some restrictions to selling or distributing modified versions of the tools.

Privacy Policy - Redblade Online

We collect NO personal information (like names or addresses) when you use Redblade Online. If you read or download information via Redblade Online, as most websites we automatically collect and store the following:
  • the date and time Redblade Onlines accessed our site;
  • the Internet address or domain name of the computer from which Redblade accessed our site;
This information is used to measure the popularity of our sourcebooks and news topics.
Redblade Online periodically scans for upgrades to your Sourcebooks and Campaign files, which could reside on Third Party sites. These sites may follow their own Privacy Policy. However, Redblade Online does not supply these sites with more information than visiting with a browser would.

About the author

Daan van Yperen is currently employed as a software designer at Artefact Software & Consultancy, where he designs and programs made-to-fit software and websites. Daan loves playing high fantasy role playing games. His tendancy to go through many player characters each session led to his character generator back in 1996. In 1999 he co-founded Dark-Legacy MUD, and spent many years adding strange and wonderful features, much to the dismay of the poor inhabitants.

Nowadays Daan spends his free time running D&D games and designing RPG tools. Daan lives with his girlfriend, two bouncy cats in Delft in the Netherlands. You can track him on his blog.
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